My thoughts on my education…

When I first came to WLC, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I came out the other end. I changed my major probably seven times and looked into transferring at least twice. Today, I am so glad I stayed.

Upon graduation, I will have at least a basic knowledge of nearly every skill I need to start my own online “empire,” something I fully intend to do. See, my dream is to build a business off of talking about mental health issues, and I feel that I am in just the right place to start.

  • Through my internship, I learned how to leverage SEO, build an effective social media campaign, write interesting and digestible blog posts, create video marketing materials, and the importance of website mapping.
  • From my web design class, I learned how to build and design my own website, choose fonts for different needs, and write some basics backend code.
  • My English classes helped me hone in on my writing skills, made me more aware of the importance of grammar, taught me how to write in different styles for different situations, and helped me further develop my researching skills.
  • Taking professional communication courses was a wonderful opportunity to practice and learn about different forms of communication and the importance of communication, but also it really helped me develop my public speaking skills. Someday, I hope to be able to travel and speak on different mental health topics, so being given the chance to build presentations has been really beneficial for me.



Statement of Interdisciplinary Competency

Looking back on all four years, as one does in her senior year, I cannot help but be unbelievably grateful that I came to a liberal arts college. The semesters of Communication, Business, English, and Media Design courses fleshed out my idea of what it takes to be a competent professional.

Through my internship with RedMoxy, I have been able to combine material that I learned in each of my classes with real world experience at a marketing agency. Because of the variety of courses I have taken, I have been able to bring many different perspectives to the office. Not only do I see things from a business standpoint, but I also seem the importance of good design and proper grammar.

After graduation, I will be moving to China to teach English, but I will also be working on a side digital project. With my knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, design, and writing, I will start my own website campaign where I discuss mental health. This has been a scary and exciting decision, but God put it on my heart to do this, and I feel ready for the challenge.